So it turns out my eyes weren’t lying to me, they really do sell kale at The Vic Market! I picked up this hearty bunch today for $3, it’s such a beautiful deep green. I bought it from a stall that only had prices (no names), but I had a hunch, so I asked the lady and turns out the mysterious leafy green was kale. I wandered up and down all the fresh produce aisles and noticed that some sellers called it ‘Tuscan Cabbage’. Apparently it’s something to do with the way the leaf looks. I found it labelled as Tuscan Cabbage in Coles, although, I must say that their wilted bunches were quite uninspiring, nothing like the glorious market version.

Kale is high in vitamin K (good for blood clotting i.e. helping you not bleed out), vitamin C (teeth), carotenoids (skin and eyes), and has a bit of calcium (bones) in there too. Basically, it’s one of those foods your mother wished you ate more often.

I followed a cooking method from VeganYumYum, and I relay it here because it is (at least in my mind) the easiest possible way. Ever. Basically you wash the leaves, don’t shake off the water, and throw them in a frypan. The water steams the leaves, you just cook them to your preference. In my home, one saucepan is much easier to wash than a three piece steamer set. When you live in a rental and don’t have a dishwasher, every piece counts, and so to me this is pure genius.

The Queen Victoria Market is located at the top of Elizabeth Street and open the following times (not including public holidays):

  • Tue 6am – 2pm
  • Thu 6am – 2pm
  • Fri 6am – 5pm
  • Sat 6am – 3pm
  • Sun 9am – 4pm

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