Mister Nice Guy: New Bakery Launch Party

Cupcakes! FREE (mini) CUPCAKES!

It’s very exciting to hear that Mister Nice Guy is opening up a new bakery in Ascot Vale this weekend. Not only that, but they’ve been hard at work perfecting other delicious vegan treats for your tummies. Including CHEESECAKE. I’ve been searching for good cheesecake—it’s my favourite dessert—since becoming vegan. Baking at home, I’ve had a few failed attempts, and am yet to find a vegan cream cheese that holds up to my expectations. Finally, we have a contender.

I’ve bought Mister Nice Guy cupcakes before. They have a pretty decent stockist list that includes The Radical Grocery, Kino Cinemas and Dymocks in the city.

I was so impressed by the small version that I even bought a cake from them for my birthday earlier this year. And it was delicious. I chose the “Sour Puss” flavour, which is a lemon-based cake with lemon zest cream cheese frosting. I had to buy the medium size in order to have it delivered, so we had a whole week of happy memories.

Lucas and Deb, the couple who run the company, are featured in fairly-recent Issue 47 of Frankie Magazine. It’s an interesting little read (if you can get your hands on a copy) about the highs and lows of working with your significant other.

My birthday cake

I have to say that it’s very impressive the company is endeavouring to cater not only for vegans but other fringe dietary resrictions such as gluten free, soy free and the raw movement. That’s a finger in a whole lot of pies. So far they are doing a mighty fine job filling Melbourne’s vegan-shaped hole with batter and icing.

Hopefully I’ll see you there on Saturday!


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