Lucky Coq

The ‘Organico’, without soy cheese.

Lucky Coq in Prahran (possibly the most difficult suburb in Melbourne to spell) is famous for pizza. Four dollar pizzas that is. I decided to spell out the price just in case you thought you were having trouble with your eyesight. Lucky Coq are open every day of the week and you can get pizzas until 2:30am* every night. They’re pretty chilled during the day but they get busy at night, so take the old ‘first in, first served’ sentiment seriously; otherwise you’ll be struggling to find a spare couch, especially with large groups. If I had to label the crowd I’d be leaning towards ‘hipsters’, but they really do get a mix of everything.

Their pizza list is decent, and the vegetarian category rivals the meat-eaters’. Some combinations will turn out quite bland without cheese, so make sure you check off the non-cheese ingredients in your head to ensure you get a decent feed.

My favourite is the Organico (pictured above), but do be aware that the soy cheese is NOT vegan. Sigh.

Lucky Coq has a sister establishment on the ‘northside’, called Bimbos, which also feeds the Fitzroy crowd for a bargain price.

* The $4 reduced price is only available at certain times: 11:30am–4pm, 7–11pm weekdays (7-9pm Fridays); 7-9pm Saturdays; and until 11pm Sundays. Bimbo’s has different times, see the website.

Prices accurate at time of post.

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