Hi there, I’m Michelle Allan. I became vegan in 2009, stepping into the lifestyle through pescetarianism and vegetarianism.

When I was 17 years old, I approached my mother, telling her I wanted to become a vegan. She was quite shocked by the notion and had a small panic attack about all the things I wouldn’t be eating. At the time, I relied heavily on my mother’s cooking (being my final year in high school and all) and we came to the compromise that I would only eat fish. I started collecting easy vegan meals, and my mother started cooking me a lot of dhal.

Around a year later, during my time off from study, I was keen to start making my own meals and the transition to veganism. However, I spent half of the year living in China. While I tried my best to eat and cook vegan, I’m sure that at times I wasn’t even eating vegetarian. I came to the understanding that vegetarian usually only meant ‘lots of vegetables with a little meat’ to the Chinese.

The year after that I started uni and became a fully fledged vegan. I loved it. There were so many ingredients I’d never heard of, from chickpeas to nutritional yeast, almond milk to kale. Mostly people were accepting of my choice, and when I look back now, I imagine it would have been a million times harder on me during high school. I still get dumb comments but more often than not, people are genuinely curious.

I was very alone in my transition to veganism; I didn’t know any real-life vegans (despite hearing how people had friends of friends), and I didn’t meet my first real vegan until three years later. This blog is my learning curve. I’m trying to create the database, the recipe collection and the eating-out guide that wasn’t, and isn’t, available to me in Melbourne. Hopefully it will help out a few others along the way.